How to Access Google Drive from Gmail Account


Accessing Google Drive from your Gmail account isn't complicated in any way, nonetheless, if you haven't done it in the past, after that you could have some issues locating the ideal shortcut secret on your own. To do so follow the steps listed below:

Ways to Gain access to Google Drive from your Gmail Account

  1. Go to and login to your account, if you haven't already done so, of course.
  2. Click the 9 dot icon (Google Applications) at the top right edge of your screen.
  3. Now click the Google Drive symbol that will certainly be presented in the listing of alternatives in a fall menu.
  4. Done!

Because you've already visited to your Gmail account, you won't need to enter your e-mail address and password once more in order to gain access to Google Drive straight from there. Yet, if it's your very first time utilizing Drive simply click the "Take me to Drive" button in the pop-up window to establish your account.

As soon as you have actually set up your Google Drive account appropriately you can conserve Gmail accessories in Drive instantly, or you could upload files directly from Drive as well as include them as add-ons to a brand-new e-mail message.

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Google Drive Review

Google Drive is far more than just a cloud-based storage space and also syncing solution: It also excels at allowing you produce, edit, shop, as well as collaborate on papers. The solution is truly excellent in simply exactly how much it goes to aid you develop and edit data, whether you're working solo or as part of a group. There are some keys to obtaining one of the most out of Google Drive and also its friend apps Google Docs, Sheets, and also Slides. But there's little question this is one of the sweetest cloud offerings you could discover. And it's free unless you should save greater than 15GB of files not produced with its online applications.

Google Drive is cost-free to utilize with a Google account, as well as it has a charitable 15GB of complimentary storage. Documents you produce using Google Docs, Sheets, and also other in-Drive apps (in Google's proprietary, on-line formats) don't count toward that quota, neither do documents shown to you. You can still export these documents to extra standard styles, so it's truly no loss at all. Other things that does not count toward your quota includes e-mail add-ons sent out and also obtained in Gmail as well as Gmail messages. Photos make up among those tricky-to-understand features of Google Drive, because you can publish images to routine Drive folders or use the new Google Photos function. Both appear on the left menu panel in Drive With Photos, submits just matter against your restriction if you choose Initial high quality; choosing High resolution limits your images to 16 megapixels.

Features of Drive.
Since Google Drive shops documents in the cloud (and also given that it comes from the preeminent search firm) they are extremely searchable. A current update included drag-and-drop performance to search results page, letting you drag an outcome documents to a folder left wing. Another feature related to search is particularly cool: Own can scan a picture and interpret it using optical character recognition (OCR) or identify it utilizing its own technology. OCR also works in Google Drive on PDFs. We had a PDF with a distinct string of text in the file, but not in the data name, when we looked for it, Google Drive supplied the best outcome practically quickly. The only various other somewhat comparable application that utilizes integrated Optical Character Recognition virtually too is Evernote, although you have to be a paid Evernote customer to get the OCR in PDFs (OCR for images works for cost-free users, as well).

The Syncing part of the service calls for that you download and install as well as install a small application. On Windows, your Google Drive folder by default becomes a subfolder of your customer folder. Once it remains in area, you can drag other data and also folders right into it, as well as those became available on various other gadgets with the Google Drive application as well as from the Web interface. You can likewise obtain Google Own as an apple iphone application, iPad application, and Android application. Windows Phone individuals could find third-party customers that tap into Google Drive, but there's no main app as of this writing.

With the applications set up, you could get to all your files in their most-updated variations. Personally, we have the tendency to access Google Drive files more by means of the Internet compared to locally, however if you have restricted Net access, you'll most definitely wish to use the neighborhood capability.

A word of caution: As with any kind of file-syncing solution, understand that if you remove documents from your regional drive, they will also be removed from Google Drive.


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